About Us

We are a Pharmaceutical Laboratory dedicated to the elaboration, importation, development, distribution and sale of pharmaceutical products.

Since 1950, our concern has been the development of general sciences, and the veterinary sciences in particular. We have been at the forefront of the pharmacology for over 60 years at the service of prevention and treatments of pathologies of different animal species. We have responsibly addressed the scientific and technologic progress, committing to be active participants on the benefit of animal health and healthy livestock production. 

With proud we put at the service of the Chilean veterinary medicine a recently inaugurated modern pharmaceutical plant. In a 20.000 mt2 space it was built a modern laboratory of 8.000 mt2 with cutting edge installations and equipments for the execution, control and quality assurance of our productive actions.

We have a wide range of pharmaceutical products pointed to cover a vast therapeutic spectrum that includes more than 200 pharmaceutical specialties elaborated with good manufacturing practices and certificated by high quality assurance standards. All our pharmaceuticals products have sanitary authorization according to the requirements established by the regulatory authority in Chile, Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG).


Our mission is to create a pleasant working environment where the coexistence between professionals, technicians and laboratory personnel that works at Drag Pharma Laboratory is pleasant and based in relations of respect, solidarity and dignity.

We also must have the scientific and technical last generation mediums, along with a qualified human equipment, to offer a safe, efficient and reliable pharmacological arsenal for Veterinary Medicine. We want to contribute in a direct and responsible form in the diagnostic and treatment of different pathologies in companion and production animals, helping this way with the development of the animal patrimony of our country.

Mision Vision


Our vision is to build a relation of confidence with the veterinary, supported in the respect, seriousness and responsibility to be participants of the construction of a better world.

We have to be able to contribute with the animal health care, to construct a harmonious environment integrated with our companion animals and contribute with the human good feeding and hunger in the world providing better alternatives to the livestock sanity.